soul whispers v3.0 // version:reflective

version: 3.0
amendments: Only the first

shtuff about the layout:
This is my second layout to use translucent div layers, even though I know they take horrible lengths of time to load and don't work with Netscape etc...... I like them! ^^; Hey, I've got an all-singing-all-dancing-works-even-with-Netscape-4.7 site in the Church of the True Shinigami, allow me *some* indulgence.....

It's entirely hand-coded, and uses a neat little trick with exact div positioning to make the header/side text look like it's a part of the background when it's not! ....I'm proud of that. XD (Adding the text to the bg would have required me to use minimal JPEG compression to keep the text readable, which would have made the bg file heeeee-uge... As it stands, it's a nice 47Kb and the other images load quicker...)

The text and graphics were all done in Photoshop 5.0, and the original image was screencaptured with WinDVD.

The lyrics are from October Project's "Take Me As I Am"; the inspiration for using them came from a Noir music video by Bluebottle.

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