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Want to link to us? This site is link free - meaning you don't have to ask permission to link us. However, please be aware that we can't offer link exchanges. If you have (or know of) a site which you think we might find interesting, though, contact us and we'll be happy to take a look.

/discussion forums

SoulBond Sanctuary - our own forum, as formely adjoined to Child of Mana. Administrated by me and moderated by Laura Gilkey, the SBS encourages discussion and debate of all aspects of SoulBonding, and numbers SBers, Multiples and singles amongst its members. Part of the Sword and Serpent Tavern - please read the FAQ before posting.

SoulBonding LiveJournal - an LJ community for discussion of SBing. We don't have an LJ at present (well, we have an account, we just don't use it) so we don't post, but the community frequently holds some thought-provoking discussions.

/mailing lists

A mailing list for discussion of SBing is planned soon. Please email us with your thoughts and suggestions on this project.

/soulbonding sites

SoulBonding @ - Laura's SoulBonding page, this site has possibly the easiest-to-understand description of SoulBonding and a timeline of her experiences with SBing.

La Senza Fine - Home to the system of the same name (who are both a multiple and SBing system), this site has lots of information on their structure, world and members as well as having some informative essays, and a cute layout. ^^

The SoulBonding Database - A database of people's SBing habits and patterns, in their own words, which attempts to provide a comprehensive cross-section of experiences. Submit your details and add your voice!

The Politics of Nonbeing - Again, the home of both a SBing and multiple system, this site has some insightful commentary on how the two concepts, as well as other concepts of plurality, relate to one another.

Ambitious Outsiders: A SoulBonding FAQ - A non-SBer's project to provide information on SBing in an easy-to-grasp format. [Currently undergoing revision]

/multiple sites

Astraea's Web - Foremost authority on multiplicity on the net, Astraea Household host their own personal pages as well as shedloads of content on non-disordered multiplicity for both the plural and plural-curious. Also home to many mailing lists, including Changing Highways, a small and friendly multiple list that we're on.

Dark Personalities - A site for the "darker" people within multiple systems, whether vampires and demons, anti-social types, goths, dark protectors or simply those who just prefer to remain in the shadows. A self-stated "non-fluffy" site, with some genuinely authoritative and well-written essays.

The Median Side - The homepage of a median group who have some interesting views to offer on the relationship between SBing and multiplicity, via the "median".

The Lancers' Codex - One of two attempts by the multiple community to provide a simple, no-fuss, easy-to-understand guide to plurality in all its forms.

Layman's Guide To Plurality - And here's the other one. ^^

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