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The Eclective is our system-name, group-name, whatever you want to call it; it's basically derived from "eclectic", many and varied, and "collective", a group, and was inspired mainly by an advert for a Wyclef Jean album. ^^;; It's inclusive of everyone, and I don't think anyone's ever had a problem with it to date, even though not all of us were here when it was chosen.

Individual pages on everyone coming soon!

Basically, those who aren't from a recognisable form of Earth media or an identifiable other world - those who were born here, even if they don't necessarily identify as being from here spiritually.

Sprite Speigel
Age: Indeterminate (teens/twenties)   Race: Catgirl/dragon/snow leopard/human/ah, screw it
'Tis the webmaster of this site, SoulBonder and neko-thing. Sprite is female (no, really female, not just that I'm-really-a-43-year-old-hairy-bloke-but-on-the-Internet-I-can-be-anything kind of female), identifies with no fixed age but is around late teens/early twenties, and likes to pet girls, watch anime and cosplay. In her spare time, Sprite is a college-soon-to-be-university-student, and will hopefully be in Japan in a few years' time (along with the rest of the Eclective, of course). Sprite is, you could say, the person who was born into the body, though doesn't identify strongly with it; she frontruns the large majority of the time, and is the person who generally presents to the world.

Those who came from outside - anime, video games, books or other sources. (Japanese names are given in the correct manner of family name first.) Please be aware that the following summaries may contain spoilers for certain games and anime.

Yuumura Kirika (Noir)
Age: 18   Race: Human
A young Japanese girl who awoke in a strange house with no memories and only a few clues to her identity, Kirika set off on a pilgrimage to discover her turbulent past, and was shaken to the core by what she found. At first remorseless and isolated, Kirika put her mysteriously evident skills of deathdealing to use in partnership with renowned assassin Mireille Bouquet, a partnership which would eventually redeem the both of them and set them on the path to a new, less traumatic existence. Kirika fronts quite a bit in the Earth world, and along with Sprite could be considered a main frontrunner; while she's quiet and somewhat taciturn, she has quite a number of friends outside the soulscape. Probably 'cause she's really, really huggable. XD

Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI)
Age: 18   Race: Half-Esper
Rune Knight and former General under the Emperor Gestahl, Celes' body and spirit were fused with the essence of an unwilling magical being. Bound to this entity, an Esper, she has been forced to overcome many trials in learning about herself, her place in the world and what it is to be human. Celes was the first SB I ever had who has stayed with me to this day, though right now I feel her presence only very faintly; she's suffered some turbulent times and prefers to be alone now.

Naomi Armitage (Armitage III)
Age: 19   Race: Third Type/Assassin-roid
Hot-headed, petulant and most definitely turbulent, Armitage is a cyborg created illegally by Martian scientists in the year 2179. She was an experiment, the first attempt at giving an artifical entity emotions, combined with the capabilities of a hardcore war machine. She can commune mentally with other machines, and finds her own emotions and position in human society difficult to understand; think hormonal adolescent, only with serious firepower backing those tantrums. Armitage was another of my early SBs; she isn't around much these days.

Katsuragi Misato (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Age: 29   Race: Human
To many the fun-loving, care-nothing and highly irresponsible guardian of the Eva pilots, to others NERV's cool, clinical tactician; at her heart Misato is both world-weary and naïve, seeking false cheer from alcohol and companionship from everyone around her. We helped Misato through a lot when she first came here - including her own death - and now she acts mainly as a parent-figure and advisor to my younger SBs. She is one of the only ones who would find it hard to return home; the entire world she knew was destroyed in a cataclysm.

Hakubi Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)
Age: 5,040   Race: Indeterminate (demi-deity)
A fiesty, seductive space pirate created by the scientific genius Washu, Ryoko is definitely from the wrong side of the tracks, but deep down her heart is a good one; having spent 700 years in captivity, her social skills were distinctly lacking when she first emerged, making her seem unstable and uncooperative. She's matured a lot since then, placing herself in a distinct role as Tomoyo's guardian and general defender of Jun'sekai, and is endeavouring to increase her knowledge and wisdom by as many means as possible. As a sidenote, she's rather fond of cookies; it's a definite weak spot. Ryoko is currently "on leave" from the Tenchi universe, with a promise to return someday, at least to report back on her progress.

Daidouji Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura)
Age: 10   Race: Human
Everyone's favourite eccentric elementary-schooler, Tomoyo is at times shy and at times effervescent, devoted wholly to the love of her life, her best friend Sakura. She immerses herself in her hobbies, but deep down suffers a lot of heartache over her unrequited love, and is arguably far wiser than many far older than her. Tomoyo is selfless and generous almost to a fault, painfully aware of others' needs and overly willing to give of herself to make others happy.

Vivi Ornitier (Final Fantasy IX)
Age: 9   Race: Indeterminate (cute)
A little black mage whose face is permanently shrouded by his wide-brimmed hat, at just nine years old Vivi is the youngest of the Eclective, yet like Tomoyo he is mature beyond his years. He speaks very little (though is genuinely pleasant when he does), and prefers to spend time alone contemplating greater mysteries, or playing with the animal companions that the Eclective have assembled over time.

Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)
Age: 16   Race: Human
Bubbly, bright and frequently affectionate, Shampoo (Shan Pu) is a Chinese Amazon from the Joketsuzoku tribe who, once she sets her sights on something, will stop at very little to achieve that goal. Raised under strict matriarchal law, she adhered to the traditions of her tribe until she uncovered the secret they had kept from her; her childhood sweetheart Lo Xin was not dead, but had been exiled for her love. My Shampoo is extremely alternate-universe; she currently lives on the outskirts of Iruzia with Lo Xin, and together they have founded a new tribe, the Jiyuishi no Kaze Amazons.

Those who originate from Jun'sekai (the Pure World).

Celandine Kirikashu'n
Age: 17   Race: Dai'arei tarl'ashi
Unrelated to Kirika, Celandine is a timid blue dragon-girl bearing vivid scars. Born a Frost Gleamer, a mythic Peacekeeper of Jun'sekai, her warlike tribe outcast her in fear of the prophecy she was said to bring about. Quiet, skittish and fearful of her own existence, she lived life in the shadows until one young boy turned her life around.

Raiza Kitsarle
Age: 17   Race: Fox/Mei'raan tarl'ashi
Gentle and contemplative guardian of Iruzia, her exotic appearance testimony to her unique heritage, Raiza's soul resonates with the song of the forest's core. The forest and its life are her protectorate, and though her temperament may appear calm, she will not hesitate to draw blood if Iruzia is under threat. Bound to the Goddess-Tree Meigana, she may not travel beyond sight of her domain.

Luka Karasarle
Age: 21   Race: Cat/raven tarl'ashi
A raven-haired, fiery-hearted whirl-go-round of passion and intensity, Luka's life stops for nothing, least of all the night. Owner and bartender of the Sword and Serpent Tavern, with an elegant yet funloving sense of style, Luka's snakebites aren't the only thing that'll leave you reeling. Don't mistake her for an airhead, though; she's bright, sharp and more than capable of thinking - and acting - on her feet.

Fenril Yukiyo
Age: 16   Race: Snow leopard tarl'ashi
A jovial leopard-boy from the snowy wastes of Sarganal, Fenril is a seemingly-naïve, happy-go-lucky kid with a mischievous nature and a deep-down heart of gold. Preferring the simple wonders of the natural world to sentient social circles, he spends much of his time in the wilds, but has a happy knack of showing up when a considerate, unpretentious ear is needed.

Karl Kurokame
Age: 20   Race: Black wolf tarl'ashi
The lovable klutz of the pack, Karl is a ragamuffin half-wolf with jet-black fur, full of bombast and bluster. He's a joker and a wisecracker with a snappy remark for every situation, and while he likes to put up a cool, casual front is a genuinely thoughtful and caring guy deep down. (You can tell he's dictating this, can't you? _;;) While he likes to doubletalk and horse around, he's generally a trustworthy guy who can be counted on to stand up for his friends.

Political factions (heh. As if.), groups, gatherings, societies, cliques, harems, tribes.... well, okay, there's only one. So far.

the quiet ones
The Quiet Ones are a loosely self-organised collective within the Eclective; they basically consist of whoever is suitably quiet (for whatever reason), and wants to join. They recognise that being quiet doesn't make one evil or unemotional, and that for many people, silent reflection can be beneficial in understanding oneself and overcoming difficulties. There's no initiation and no real leadership; people simply elect themselves in or out as they choose, though it could be said that Kirika has something of a moderator-position. Similarly, they don't recruit; they're too quiet for that, and besides, the theory is that if you are one, you'll know where to go. The Quiet Ones also include some who lurk in the shadows, and don't wish to be identified, or aren't quite SoulBonds as of yet. They support one another, and provide a safe "retreat" for those who wish to be quiet or contemplative, with no questions asked. (They frequently like to make it look as if they're plotting things, though. ^^;; After all, they have to perpetuate the theory that it is always the Quiet Ones. ^^) If the Quiet Ones had a poster child, it would probably be Rei Ayanami. ^^;;

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