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The places where the Eclective live, interact and generally spend their time, when they're not fronting or in their own worlds.

Formerly known as Pureland (after Secret of Mana's enchanted forest kingdom), Jun'sekai is by far our largest soulscape and the primary one, consisting as it does of an entire subdimension of the Earth world with its own unique ecosystem and laws of existence. Jun'sekai is an extremely fluid and complicated world, and we're still attempting to map it and collate details on it; a whole subsection with races, geography, cultures and more will appear gradually as we discover more about it.

sonorus and quietus
Twin cityscapes of an advanced, future parallel of Jun'sekai, Sonorus and Quietus are part of a world of eternal twilight on a distant planet, where crystal technology connects all lifeforce and all thought. It is a beautiful, compassionate world, where worship of the Goddess remains as much a part of everyday life as in the old world, and the history of its inhabitants' orgins is a treasured and respected thing whose ideals are carried forward as fully as possible into this brave new world. Thus, this linking of minds is not an always-on connection, but a consensual activity which has brought far more benefit to this world than it has harm. While there would always be those willing to violate this consensus, they must challenge the wishes of the Goddess if they are to do so.....

As the names indicate, Sonorus is a city resonant with music, song and active creativity, while in Quietus just as much happens, but is undertaken in relative silence. Both cities are hives of commercial activity in their own way, with crystal technology being the fastest-expanding field of industry by far, and the majority of people employed in this future form of IT sector. None of my SBs actually live in this world (though Armitage spends a lot of time there), but several of them visit from time to time, and we are aware of one person who isn't exactly a SoulBond but lives in Sonorus; Popoki, a 19-year-old rin'na female who works as an office junior.

There are two primary races in this world, the fuo'lin (whose description can be found in the Jun'sekai section) and the rin'na. The latter are similar to ashi in appearance, only taller on average and with vivid, almost translucent-looking skin, and shimmering hair with either a slightly metallic or a soft, powdery cast. They also have tails; long, lion-like protrusions that are slender and velvety, and end in a large plume of fur at the tip.

Lysan is a European-looking town-verging-on-city, in parts seeming modern and in others trapped in a sort of bygone high-society timewarp, yet with a sense of romantic melancholy - almost a "goth" feel, if you like, yet not entirely without its whimsy. The quite remarkable thing about society in Lysan is the emphasis placed on personal space; there are many intimate little restaurants where couples can snuggle up by candlelight, but just as many cafes and eateries that would appear on first glance to seat upwards of 20 people, yet only ever have one seat filled. These are places of comfort and solitude, with waitresses ready with a listening ear to the stories of the lonely and the disconsolate, and when one table is occupied the eaterie is considered to be full. (There is also one such diner in Quietus, a Japanese-themed outlet named Osaka-ben; Tomoyo used to go there, and sometimes still does.) The food, even at the cheapest establishments, is always finely-prepared and tailored for any palate by the proprietors, whether in the cafes or the larger restaurants with more standard seating arrangements; as a result, it's always a popular destination for people wishing to dine out, though save the atmosphere there are few other attractions. There are, however, plenty of little boutiques where the most exotic and stylish of garments and jewellery are to be found, as well as underground clubs with entrancing female (and sometimes, male) singers. Most who live and visit here tend to be human, though theoretically any species is permitted into the town, and there is little or no discrimination to be found based on this or any other superficial criterion. The town also has a large number of seemingly stray cats and dogs roaming its streets, though they appear to have their own society, and cause few problems with the other residents.

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