soul whispers v3.0 // version:reflective

Essays by the Eclective. Most of these were mainly written by me (Sprite), and concern SBing and multiplicity; for individual writings by other Eclective members that don't concern SBing, go to their own pages.

.newer essays

How does SoulBonding come about? Where do SBs come from? A look at some of the theories.

.soulbonding_and//multiplicity: /what's the deal?
The issues surrounding the question of "isn't this just Multiple Personality Disorder?"

.older essays
Note that opinions contained within any of the essays in this section may not necessarily be our opinions as of now; these essays are merely here for archive purposes, and because they illustrate some (in our humble opinion) interesting ideas and theories.

Our first essay on the midcontinuum (median) state of being, and how we see/saw it. (No pun intended. ^^;;;;;) Covers one of the theories mentioned in the newer "theories of soulbonding" essay.

A slight contradiction to the theory placed forward in the other essay, but this one discusses the idea of whether "NPCs" have their own lives beyond the story-world.

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