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This page hosts factual essays on SBing that have been submitted to us, SBing-related fiction and quotes from fiction writers, information on those who seem to have discovered SBing without ever having heard the term themselves, and other SBing miscellany. We happily accept any submissions of stories, articles, essays, quotes, perspectives and anything else to do with SoulBonding, from SBers, their SBs or people who know them, so send us your views - we want as many as possible! If you have a website/blog that you would like listed along with your essay/story so that people may contact you, and/or wish to give your email address for contact purposes, please tell us.

All documents posted here are the intellectual property of their respective creators, and may not be reproduced without the permission of the author(s).

Others' viewpoints on how and why they SB, and where SBing originates. This section is open to non-SBers too - if you've had an experience with an SBer or their SBs, and want to share your views and experiences, write away!

untitled essay by laura gilkey
Laura writes on the theory of SBs as spirits created from the love and energy poured into them.

untitled essay by khail chronic
The perspective of a SB on his connections to this world and how others view him.

untitled essay by anonymous
An anonymous contributor's account on the nature of SBing, as sa sees it.

Our View On Soulbonders' and Multiples' Perceptions... by Aaron and Gina of the Hondas
An essay looking at the often fractious relations between SBers and multiples, and what the two communities can do about it.

untitled essay by Anthea of Amorpha
An insightful piece on the idea of symbolic versus literal reality, and how it relates to SBers and other groups with unorthodox beliefs and experiences.

In the world of SBers, of course, fiction is ever-so-difficult to distinguish from fact. ;) But to all intents and purposes, what you'll find below are fictional or part-fictional accounts of SBing. Submissions can be based on fact, as long as they're in story format; poems are accepted too. As well as stories, we'd also like to see any quotes, interviews or reports from published authors which appear to show that they SoulBond.

soulbonder: the liberation - a white wolf supplement by laura gilkey
A full, playable supplement/rulebook (in .rtf format) to White Wolf's Storyteller RPGs, placing SoulBonders and their SBs into the fictional World of Darkness. Even if you don't roleplay and don't have any interest in doing so, this supplement represents SBing in such a true-to-life way (apart from the obvious fictions created for the game, but even they're thought-provoking...) that it's well worth your time regardless.

the trinity [offsite] by laura gilkey
A fictional foray into a world where SoulBonds can truly come alive, this story shares many of the concepts used in Laura's "Soulbonder: The Liberation" supplement; indeed, she said that if S:tL were to be published, The Trinity would be the intro fiction. ^^

mind games [offsite] by devilrats
A writer discovers it's not just fiction when one of his characters objects to how he's telling her story.

writer quotes
Quotes from writers which seem to demonstrate the presence of SoulBonding. Feel free to contribute your own quotes to this section; they're always much appreciated.

Separated at birth from SoulBonding, these accounts seem to echo the concept, often with a slightly new perspective.

the dæmon page
All about dæmons, the shapeshifting animal companions from the His Dark Materials books. This site focuses on people who have dæmons in real life, a concept that seems highly akin to SoulBonding, and also has information on deaths (companions similar to dæmons).

Random fun stuff related to SoulBonding.

sb code by azusa of amorpha
Another of those innumerable online codes designed to sum up your worldly experiences into a compact and impossible-to-decipher format. Why do we do it? Because it's FUN. ^^ Describe your SBs and your relationships with them using this, the SB Code.

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