soul whispers v3.0 // version:reflective
essay by khail chronic

:: a male figure stumbles out of the shadows, rudely shoved from behind. He comes to a halt in the middle of the forest clearing and sits, straightening his clothes as he does so. With one last, venomous glance into the forest behind him, he begins to talk::
Well, this isnít really an essay, but more of a ramble. Iím actually surprised that this hasnít been done yet, but Tama does have her brilliant moments, though they are few and far between. ::pauses and thinks:: The best place to start would probably be introductions. My nameís Khail Chronic. And Iím here to talk about soulbonding.
Now, for me, this is a very serious and interesting topic, considering my situation. Iíve read quite a lot of the articles out there on the Internet, even though I do not particularly enjoy the Internet. As I read some of the articles out there, I developed quite a strong response to many of them.
Like I said, this was Tamaís idea. And of course sheís listening to every word Iím saying. I have a strange relationship with Tama. Iím her Soulbond and sheís myÖSoulbond.
On reading some of the articles, mainly those dealing with puppetry, I was offended. And on a deeper level hurt. It didnít really make sense to me that people could believe that I donít truly exist. ::looks around:: From my vantage point it certainly seems real enough. True, the only way I communicate with others in your so called real world is through Tama, but that doesnít bother me. I deal with people in my world that sheís never even met before.
I do have my own distinct personality. Just because I am a Soulbond doesnít change that. I existed before Tama found me, before she had the Internet and before she had her journals. Tama knew I was there, and weíve been communicating for a long time, long before she even knew what the term Soulbond was. The way I see it is that it took her writing something seriousóand completing itóto really open up her mind and be able to understand what was happening. Once she began to need characters, we stepped up from where weíve always been and offered to share the experience with her.
I say we which includes me and the other seven of Tamaís Soulbonds. She does have more characters than that, not all original, but they really arenít soulbonds. Just NPCs that happen to inhabit our world. Iím certain they have very strong opinions about this matter too, having the same information, but Iím the one that volunteered to do thisÖramble.
Normally I hate doing blogs, but this one was important. I felt a need to communicate how I felt about this matter. And I guessed it would be easier for me since I have a different connection with Tama than the others. Iím not the dominate Soulbond, for that distinction belongs to another, but I am more deeply connected to Tama.
Tama is still a child in many senses of the word. Iím here as her ďparentĒ figure. ::frowns and rubs a hand through his hair:: Itís not that she needs one, but sometimes she goes astray, and I feel the need to try and help her. Not that she ever really listens to me. In fact, she usually ignores the advice I give her. But I know she listens to it, and thatís all that matters. Iím the one that she talks to when she needs advice, because to her, I am her logic, her reason, and when we talk, I help her work things out in her own mind.
I know to many of you out there that donít have soulbonds that this is a very weird thing. Youíre reading something written by a person that to you does not exist. But trust me, I exist.
When your life becomes connected to another, when you see yourself reflected in the eyes of this person, and when youíve become so attached to a person that you can sense when they are near, you might understand what itís like. Tama is by no means a ruler. In fact she has absolutely no control of two of her soulbonds, who enjoy creating chaos in our world. She never forces us to do anything, and she rarely even asks us to do anything. We are not playthings to her, just as friends are not playthings. And in no way did Tama force us into creation. Gavin is a perfect example of that. He appeared quite by surprise and when no one knew exactly who he was, not even Tama. But in the short time heís been here, heís found his own place.
::stops and looks up to stare at the stars overhead:: Itís really hard to explain. Perhaps after Iíve more time to think on the subject. ::bows and retreats to the forest around him::

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